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Rough Rock 250ml Autentico Creative Powder

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Autentico Rough Rock is part of our range of Creative Powders. It consists of a powder that when mixed with any colour of Autentico Vintage creates stunning faux stone finishes. Rough Rock can be used indoors on walls, furniture, lamp bases and such things.  

You begin by painting the surface with Autentico Vintage Paint. This can be the same or an opposite colour to the next layer.

Allow to dry. 

Mix 1 part ROUGH ROCK to 1 part of Autentico Vintage. You can add water if the mixture is too thick. Paint mixture on to the surface and let dry.

Sand down high peaks if needed. Let dry for 24 hours.

The result will be a truly unique stone finish. Use your imagination to create cool patches of different colours. ROUGH ROCK is great to use to create a textured stone finish prior to application of other techniques.